Gen Damp are experts in all forms of Woodworm eradication. From identifying the species of beetle through to the correct treatment, you can ensure Gen Damp will treat your infestation problems efficiently and professionally.

Woodworm is a wood boring beetle that attacks timbers as part of its life cycle and left untreated can cause structural damage to your property. There are many species of wood boring insects that can attack timber in the UK.


Woodworm is a term or description used to cover all species of wood boring beetles. Unfortunately the life cycle of the woodworm has been completed before most property owners are aware they have an infestation problem. After mating the female lays her eggs into cracks and on the rough sawn surfaces of the structural timbers, these eggs hatch and begin to tunnel into the timber and feeding on the the cellulose present in wood cells. The number of eggs and the length of the larval feeding stage varies according to species. Once the larvae has finished feeding it will pupate and several weeks later the adult beetle will have developed and will begin to bore out of the timber to mate leaving flight holes which are often the first sign of an infestation. Having mated the female beetle will again lay her eggs on the timber and the life cycle begins again.


Here at Gen Damp we have decades of experience in the treatment of woodworm. Our fully trained and experienced surveyors will correctly identify the species of beetle and the necessary treatment required. With Gen Damp you can be secure in the knowledge that we will provide the correct treatment to eradicate your woodworm infestation full stop!

The four most common wood boring insects to infest properties are:


Other insects found attacking timber in the UK include Bark borer beetle, Pinhole borer beetle and beetles of the Lyctus family to name but a few.